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To stay safe during your dress shopping experience, Taylor’s Bridal
Boutique has come up with tips to help you feel prepared!

1. Do research on which boutiques you want to visit and the dresses you want to try. Make sure that the boutique you chose is an authorized retailer for the designers you’ve been eyeing. You can see which retailers are authorized by looking at each designer’s website.

2. Once you find a boutique that carries the designers you want, check out the website, reviews, and social media to give you an idea of what the experience at each boutique entails. Ideally, you don’t want to visit more than 2 boutiques at this time for obvious safety concerns and should only bring those closest to you in your social circle.

3. If you find it difficult to narrow down who to choose to be there with you for your “Yes!” moment, ask for the store’s wifi and include others digitally! Bring your tablet and organize a zoom call for your appointment so no one is left out of the experience.

4. Choose a mask that you’re comfortable wearing for the duration of your consultation. You may want to wear a clear mask as you will be able to envision yourself on your wedding day!

5. If you have shoes or an idea of your heel height, bring that information with you as you may want to order your gown in the exact length you need. Then you won’t have to arrange a second appointment and leave home when you don’t need to.

Times have changed so much, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing bridal shopping experience if you remember to stay safe and respect COVID protocols!

Featured in the January 2021: Covid Edition issue of The Wedding Ring Magazine

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