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Hayleigh and Simon wanted a wedding day that felt like ‘them’. With a collection of their favourite things from the food to the drinks they were able to take their guests inside their world together…

Married couple: Hayleigh & Simon Culliton

Wedding Date: September 28, 2019

Ceremony & Reception Location: Revival House ( in Stratford. “We wanted something unique and different, but traditional at the same time. We chose Revival House because it perfectly captured that different, yet traditional vibe we were going for, and also allowed us to put our own spin on everything. From the décor to the food, everything was exactly as we wanted it. Being so spoiled for choice made making decisions fun and challenging at the same time (in a good way)!!!” – H&S

Colour Palette: “We went for a darker, moody colour scheme. Girls in champagne to keep things light and playful, guys in black to stick with a traditional vibe. Simon wore a custom red suit by Coppley. Flowers and décor followed this palette, deep reds and burgundy with pops of white and champagne.” – H

Theme:“We didn’t really have a theme to be honest. Most importantly we wanted our wedding to feel unapologetically ‘US’. Everything from the reception style, to the food served, and added extras were picked to represent us and our favourite things. Our cocktail hour featured a 6ft long charcuterie board and ended with a champagne toast for all our guests. We had a full service cocktail style reception to maintain our laid back, social and interactive vibe. Food selections ranged from Caprese  skewers, chicken and waffles, a gnocchi bar, tacos, sliders, salmon tartare, and prosciutto wrapped peaches. Our late night was kicked off with a scotch and cigar bar, all personally selected by Simon. We had a non-traditional Macaron tower cake, and full candy bar designed by Chocolate Barrs.”- H

Flowers: From the Potting Shed ( “My bouquet was a true showstopper, incorporating anemones, a ranunculus, garden roses, lots of greenery and eucalyptus, and of course the STUNNING café-au-lait dahlias. These same flowers were across the whole wedding party and used in our décor. We had single bloom groupings and smaller center pieces all displayed in antique coloured glassware. And of course, I HAD TO HAVE 2 twelve-foot-long hand tied garlands that featured roses, hydrangeas and plenty of greenery. We were able to save one of these for ourselves and it lives on our mantel, dried of course. But it is a beautiful reminder of our special day.” – H

Décor: “We actually didn’t hire anyone for décor, other than our florist. We felt that the building was beautiful enough as it was, and trying to compete with floor to ceiling stained glass windows seemed like an impossible feat. So we opted to showcase the venue’s natural beauty by allowing it to stand alone.” – H

Favourite décor element: “Obviously, the flowers. Which is funny because when we started the wedding planning process, I said I didn’t really care what we did for flowers, they seemed like a very pricey waste of money (oops…). But after meeting with From the Potting Shed, I decided to take them more seriously. By the end, if I could have snuck more flowers onto our budget without Simon knowing about it, I would have!” – H

DIY: “No way! We have a very busy toddler, and no time. Plus I just knew any “Pinterest Fail” would have sent me spinning! My thought is, if there is a professional for the job, that is by design, and best to leave it to them!” – H

Invitations/stationery: Minted. “We used them for everything from Save the Dates, Website, Invitations and Thank You Cards” – H

Cake: Cakes by Julie (

Wedding favours/Candy Bar: Chocolate Barr’s ( “Derek and Jacqueline were amazing, the effort they put in to not only create all the delicious treats, but stage them beautifully with our cake…There are no words! It was incredible!” – H

Groomsmen and Groom’s attire: Groom’s suit was custom by Coppley from Channers ( in London, and the groomsmen rented from Joseph’s Clothiers ( in London.

Bridesmaids attire and accessories: Birdy Grey ( Gwennie Dress in Champagne and jewellery from Olive & Piper.

Bride’s dress and accessories: Made with Love Bridal (

DJ: Spotify. “So I guess we did DIY something! Making those playlists was a serious labour of love!” – H

Hair & make-up: Petite Salon Stratford ( “Danielle is the sweetest, she let us use her whole little salon privately to get ready, her space is perfect and she is just amazing. I can’t say enough amazing things about her.” Make up: Leslie Emmerson MUA “Leslie and I have been friends for some time, and I was so grateful to her for making me look and feel so beautiful on my big day” – H

Photographer: David and Kara Wedding Imagery ( “They did the photos for a very close friend’s wedding, and after seeing their photos come back, I knew we had to have them as well. I can’t say enough good things about the quality of their work. It was very easy and comfortable having them around on the day of the wedding. Any time I wanted a special shot, they were happy to do it, they even did special shots with our dogs. David came a few months before to do our engagement photos around Stratford as well, he had a lot of great ideas and I was never worried that our wedding photos and engagement photos would be too similar. My favourite photo is behind city hall with my veil floating behind me. I wanted “Veil porn” (can I say that in print? Haha), and they DELIVERED!” – H

Videography: Bonsai Creative ( “Literally just thinking about our video makes my eyes well up. The effort Jon and Meg put into every decision about our videos shows. I couldn’t have imagined trusting ANYONE else with the job of capturing our wedding in this way. As wedding vendors, they are great. As people, they are truly amazing. I can’t recommend them enough. Spending the day with them on more than one occasion was comfortable, easy, and never forced. Especially on a day like your wedding day, which can be VERY stressful and emotional, it was never awkward having them around. In fact, it was quite the opposite. I don’t know if I could have gotten through the morning without Meg’s sense of calm and ease. It was like having an extra best friend. I never have the right words when I’m trying to describe how special they are, and how much it means to me that we were lucky enough to have them. You just have to watch the videos.

Wedding Film:

Biggest wedding challenge: “Honestly, I think the biggest challenge was trying not to get too far ahead of myself and reigning it in. Thankfully, Simon is very cool and collected. No matter how stressed out I got, or how overwhelmed I felt, he was always there to remind me that it was going to be perfect because it was ours. He never left me to make all the decisions alone and was always willing to support my ideas and vision.” – H

Fav wedding memory: “This is a hard one.! I say it all the time, I feel like I remember nothing about the day. But one moment that stands out the most for me, is the moment that I saw Simon for the first time. All morning I was very tense, on the verge of tears, and stressed. I probably was not very nice to be around, to be honest! But from the moment I stepped out of the car and over the bridge in the middle of the Festival Theater Gardens and saw him standing there, it was like all that anxiety and stress was GONE. I was a different person after that. The nerves were gone, I had a renewed sense of what was truly important about that day, and I felt ready to marry him and get on with the party!” – H

Advice from one couple to another: “Try not to get swept up in the details. It’s so cliché, and SO hard not to do. But seriously, no one notices, and it’s so much more important to be authentic and genuine, than to just hop on the next hot wedding trend. Remember to take time out of the day to remind yourselves of what is truly important, because after the food is all eaten, and the flowers have all wilted, what matters is who is there beside you.” – H

MORE ABOUT REVIVAL HOUSE  | Revival House ( is romantically chic with a touch of modern hipster (more details in their review in The Ring, here). To find out more, email Revival House directly using the form below. 🙂

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