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Photo above: Jess Doukas Photography

Nearlyweds: Tracy Johnson & Shawn Hass

Together for: 1.5 years

The proposal: “Shawn and I knew one another growing up, we lived 3 houses from each other. A bunch of us kids in the neighbourhood would gather in his family’s backyard as he has 3 younger brothers and they were all sporty, so we went there to play. One afternoon we set up a baseball game in their yard. 7-year-old me was running from one base to another when 14-year-old Shawn threw the ball to the player on base, but it accidentally hit me in the side of the head.

Shawn and his brother Ken rushed over to check on me. Shawn was very apologetic as they walked me home to my Mom who took me to the ER where the doctor said if the ball was 1/4″ more to my temple it would’ve killed me. The funny part of this story (it’s funny almost 40 years later) is that I didn’t remember all these years later who threw the ball. I only found out after reconnecting with Shawn back in 2018, when my sister unbeknownst to us was setting us up. We all met for coffee and Shawn and I hit it off. I guess you could say it was ‘love at first sight’. Shawn became an amazing stepdad to my 16-year-old son Spencer.

Shawn has been on kidney dialysis for almost 2 years while waiting for a transplant. (His aunt and I are in the process of getting tested to see if either of us can donate to him). My sister knew of his health issues and has said that since I’m a nurturing person, I would take care of him. We now do his hemodialysis treatments at home after completing 5 weeks of training at Grand River Hospital in Kitchener. But before home hemodialysis, he was doing his treatments at the hospital. One cold, winter’s night on Feb 11, 2019, we made a stop at Victoria Park. We walked over the bridge to the gazebo where Shawn got down on one knee (after 4 hours of dialysis) took my hand in his and asked me to marry him, to which I cried and said yes.

We excitedly told our family and set a date for June 20, 2020. Unfortunately, Covid-19 happened and we made the decision to move it to October 3, 2020. As things progressed, we decided it was best for everyone to postpone again to May 29, 2021. As heartbreaking as it is to postpone, it has not diminished our love for one another, our love is even stronger and will only continue to grown stronger. ” – T&S

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