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Beaverdale Golf Club as the perfect place for Alexandra and Cole to bring their simple and rustic wedding to life. With lots of wood, peachy colours and gold they were able to bring their personalities to all aspects of their big day…

Married Couple: Alexandra Willison & Cole Willison

Wedding Date: June 1, 2019

Ceremony & Reception Location: Beaverdale Golf Club ( “Our families are from Guelph so we wanted something close by, there was easy access with taxis/Ubers, lots of parking for guests who drove, it was close to hotels, and the venue would accommodate the ceremony and reception, including all the food, drink, tables, etc.” – A

Theme: “It was rustic, simple, clean. We used a lot of wood, white, peachy colours, and gold. We wanted a warm feel and tried to add as much of ‘us’ into it as possible. Our tables were organized by destinations we had traveled to together with a picture of us there instead of table numbers.” = A

Flowers: “We got the rustic wedding bouquet sets from Costco for the wedding party and asked them to add in some peach roses since the originals were just white flowers. We also ordered mini euro bouquets that went on the tables and the bar and such. Those bouquets were white and simple. Then we also ordered some greenery from Costco to bulk these bouquets up. Finally, we ordered greenery wreaths that went down the aisle from a shop called The Bloom Room ( in Guelph that went around candle holders going down the aisle.” – A

DIY: “We did all of the décor ourselves. The venue provided white table cloths, peach napkins, and standard table settings. We added wooden rounds, our traveling picture table destinations, gold candle holders, and white bouquets of flowers on each guest table. We made a flower garland for the head table. For the aisle, we rolled out a white aisle runner with a soft lace pattern, had 3 different height bundles of tall glass candle holders with assorted heights of candles that were clustered going down either side of the aisle. Then we hung some tulle at the front of the ceremony as out backdrop and layered down lace curtains at the foot of where we stood to say our vows. We used milk crates at the table in the entrance and second-hand white, gold, and wood frames of different sizes to show pictures of us throughout the years. We also had a table with 2 large empty gold frames where people could hang polaroid’s as our guest book along with assorted décor.” – A

Fav décor element: “Our table destinations. They were gold frames with pictures of my husband and I travelling to different countries and places that were special to us. Then the seating chart was a world map that was organized by location.” – A&C

Cake: “We chose not to have a cake because we did not want to spend the money on one. My MOH and I made 3 flavours of cake cups the morning before the wedding and made our own icing and iced them. We saved a lot of money and had fun, but it was quite an undertaking. There was not one complaint about not having a cake, and actually people were happy to have a few different flavours to pick from. We also had Costco desserts and some family made options on a dessert table. Overall it made for very cheap snacking.” – A

Invitations/stationery: Vistaprint

Wedding favours: “Shot glasses that said “The Willisons” and had a cartoon of a husband and wife and a golden retriever (our dog) as well as the wedding date.” – A

Groomsmen and Groom’s attire: “Cole wore a navy suit with a vest and navy tie. Groomsmen wore the matching navy pants, brown suspenders, peach tie, no vest/jacket. All from Banana Republic.” – A

Bridesmaids attire and accessories: David’s Bridal ( “We choose ‘Belini’ coloured long bridesmaid dresses in different dress styles of their choice.” – A

Bride’s dress and accessories: “My dress and cathedral veil were from Heirlooms bridal (, my belt was from amazon, necklace from Michael Hill and earrings from Joe Fresh.” – A

DJ: Aaron Malig and Kevin Cheuk

Photographer: “We used 2 people who did this on the side. Sarah Mayes who runs Salient Moments Photography ( went to high school with us. She was very laid back, fun to work with, and made sure we were having fun with everything. Lisa Arnold is a mutual friend of my MOH. She was very natural, did not force us into awkward or overly-cheesy pictures. It was nice having 2 people because we got twice the coverage and both were very reasonably priced. Sarah also went out of her way to scout out the venue the day before the wedding and helped us avoid any flooding and spot good places for different pictures. My favourite part of our pictures is the light level of edits, and how I think they captured our personalities and did not feel too fake or corny.” – A

Biggest challenge: “The biggest challenge was communication. It was difficult to keep everyone in the loop in an easy way. Between communication with different people at the venue, different vendors, family, and wedding party members, it was a lot of stress for me. I found using email to be very efficient because it was easy to keep a track of discussions and to forward things along as needed. Whenever I had an in-person meeting or a phone call, I would type out an email to summarize it that way there was a record of the conversation.” – A

Fav wedding memory: “We had a first look before the wedding where we took out golf carts and had a couple of drinks with the wedding party and my mom. It really felt special and it helped calm my nerves before the wedding. It helped distance us from the commotion and felt more personal.” – A

Advice from one couple to another: “Don’t stress the small stuff. It is so easy to worry about the small details. But just think about the last few weddings you attended… what things stick out to you? Probably not small things like if the candles in the votives were white, offwhite, or yellow! You will be the only one thinking about the small details and it is a waste of energy, just go with the flow. After all, everyone is there to celebrate you two, not to judge your decor choices.” – A

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