Plan Your Fabulous Local Wedding

GROOM & GROOM: Jeff & Duncan MacKenzie

LOCATION: Victoria Park Pavilion, Kitchener, ON

PHOTOGRAPHY: Jess Collins Photography ( Kitchener, ON “Mostly we loved how personable Jess was. We went to The Ring’s KW Wedding Expo and most of the photographers were very professional but reserved. Jess was outgoing from the start, struck up a conversation, asked about us and seemed to actually care. It wasn’t a difficult decision. She was really easy to work with, made a lot of helpful suggestions, and helped us pick the right photo package for our day. The best part of the photos is how accurately they capture our friends and family. Anyone can snap a quick pic, but to take a picture that actually makes people come alive, that takes a great photographer like Jess.” – J & D

# GUESTS: 160

BUDGET: $25,000 – $30,000

THEME: “We used mostly navy & white, but the ‘theme’ was books. We both love to read, especially sci-fi and fantasy literature, so we made that a big element.” – J

BOUTONNIERES & BOUQUETS: Lilies White ( Kitchener, ON

DIY: “Rather than give each table a number, we assigned each table a location name inspired by some of our favourite books (ie. Hogwarts, Avalon, Rivendell). Each table had a nameplate hand-drawn by a friend, a decorative stack of books topped by the one we pulled the name from with flowers in Erlenmeyer flasks rather than vases (Duncan is a biochemist) with decorative twine and washi tape around the necks to make them look classy.” – J

GROOM’S ATTIRE: Indochino ( Toronto, ON

GROOMSMEN + GROOMSMAIDS ATTIRE: “The groomsmen each wore a suit of their own, and the groomsmaids wore nice dresses. We didn’t have the wedding party try to match us. We got them scarves or ties with the same design as the ties that we were wearing.’ – J

MUSICIANS: Fred Hale & The Black Water Trio ( Waterloo, ON

CATERING: Lancaster Smokehouse ( Kitchener, ON

ADVICE, ONE COUPLE TO ANOTHER: “Try to make sure all of your guests feel included and appreciated. We had three hearing-impaired family members in attendance, and we arranged for a sign language interpreter to ensure they could understand the ceremony & speeches.” – J & D

Featured in the Fall/Winter 2019 issue of The Wedding Ring Magzine

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