Plan Your Fabulous Local Wedding

Bride & Groom: Lori & Tomas Szymanski

Photographer: Family friend, Alex Rice

Wedding Date: August 13, 2011

Guest #: 100

Ceremony & Reception Location: Arden Park Hotel

Colour Palette: Red and yellow

Tell us your story!: “Tomas had met my sister at the gym where he and her soon-to-be husband worked out at. He told my now brother-in-law about this ‘hot chick’ he had met… found out she was taken (lol) and jokingly asked if she had a sister who was single.

I had just gotten out of a long and terrible relationship/situation, that had also produced a wonderful little girl… so it took some convincing from my sister but I agreed to a blind date.

We had dinner, went bowling, and stayed up very late at a McDonald’s, talking (they were sweeping and putting chairs up… I guess that was our queue to leave lol).

I knew within 3 dates that I was going to marry him someday. He had met my daughter and they took to each other right away. This was in 2007. He is now recognized as the father of my daughter as he has been the most amazing dad I could have ever imagined for her.

The minister included her as part of our ceremony and said this was a joining of all 3 of us, and he was right. We opted for a sand ceremony with 3 different colours of sand.

13 years later and I can honestly say every day I love him more and more and would not be who I am this very moment if I had not chosen to go on that first date.

As a young adult, I was not in a great place and always felt trapped. But I found my happy ending… or rather my happy middle; we are nowhere near the end.     

Biggest Challenge: “Planning my wedding was fun and anxiety-free. The only issue was on the day of, the florist had forgotten to add my polished rocks to the centrepieces. My sisters tackled that and mission accomplished!” – L

Best Memory: “My best friend had taken some pictures of us after the wedding, ran and got them printed so I could have wedding photos the very next day while opening presents.” – L

Any advice for couples planning their wedding?: “Have fun! Planning your wedding should not be a stressful thing. And allow your other half to plan something too… for us, Tomas got to pick our song for our first dance.” – L&T

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