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The key to a wedding reception timeline that runs smoothly is planning ahead. Every wedding is different, so copying a wedding timeline template usually is not the best. Take the time to plan your details and be realistic with how long they will take. To help you get started, the team at The Grand Guelph put together the following tips…

• Most professional wedding services are booked 1.5 years in advance. Be open to alternate dates if you are booking within a year of your wedding. After picking a (few) wedding dates call the venue or catering service first to check availability.

• Plan and sort out all wedding details as soon as you can. Leave at least one month prior to your wedding to relax. This will leave you time to deal with anything unexpected that may (will) come up.


• Ensure that all vendors are aware of your timeline. It is always best to send a copy of your plan. Even if items do not pertain to all vendors this will help us understand your timelines. Be sure to allocate plenty of time for the photographers especially when photos are taken at a location that is not the ceremony or venue.

• Receiving lines take longer than you expect! For a ceremony with 100 guests or less, this will take 12-15 minutes. With 150 guests, allow 20 minutes. If you’re expecting more than 150 guests, consider skipping the receiving line and visiting guests at their tables during dinner instead.


• It will be a long day, but that doesn’t mean you can sleep in! Get a jump start on the day. This will settle nerves and leave time to enjoy the day instead of playing catch-up.

• Split up speeches that are made during dinner. Guests will enjoy this more than if all the speeches are back to back. This also will give vendors a chance to eat as well as help keep the kitchen moving along.

Welcome toast: (father of the bride or by the bride and groom or master of ceremony.)

First course (salad/appetizer) (after being served): Start with the maid of honour, followed by the best man.

Second course (main course) (after being served): Parents speeches Last course (dessert) (after being served): The newlyweds can give a toast here.

And remember, don’t sweat the small stuff! Although you have put so much effort into a perfectly scripted timeline expect slight variations. Keep your mind on the important parts of the day and don’t let change throw you off!

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