Plan Your Fabulous Local Wedding


please do…

… have some ideas as to what you are thinking of for your destination wedding. A list of locations you would like to go, how many people may come, are there children coming and of course budget for both the wedding and the vacation portion.

… take your time planning. With destination weddings, resorts planners start serious planning approx 3-4 months out so take time and expect your questions to be answered back from the resort planner in about a week.

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… hire an experienced professional! Make sure you have a great and knowledgeable travel agent that has done destination weddings prior. Ask questions, such as: How many weddings have you done? Are you certified? Are you TICO approved (Ontario Agents must be TICO certified) Would you have any references?

… consider a welcome party or at least a wedding menu. Your guests then will know where they need to be and when. Have this party, or hand out your menus the first or second day you are there.

… keep calm. Things will not always go as planned. Once you have your plans prepared and you arrive on site you will meet and go over your wedding with your local planner.

please don’t…

…leave your planning to last minute. This can cause stress on both the couple and the wedding planner and may result in less options. We often start planning and booking 1-1.5 years in advance.

…get stressed with options. Use a great travel agent that will help you narrow down the destination and resort options based on your criteria.

…pack your wedding attire in your checked bags. This can include your wedding dress and the groom outfit. Purchase a carry bag and take it with you on board the plane.

…ask everyone for destination or resort ideas. This will cause confusion and frustration as you will get many ideas and get overwhelmed.

…expect everyone to come. This can be disappointing however a lot of times your guests may not be able to afford it or take the time or like to travel.

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