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With over 35 years and hundreds of events per year, Music Central Entertainment (♥) ( is one of London’s premier DJ companies. They’ve offered us the following hashtags to help explain their secrets to rocking out your wedding day.

#WEKNOWSTUFF: When you book Music Central for your wedding you get access to their limitless experience completely free and just part of what they do for you. “There are aspects to a wedding that are very subtle but make a huge difference. One of the most important aspects is flow. We can give you advice on how to keep your day flowing naturally, seamlessly and stress free”

#EXPERIENCECOUNTS: For you as a bride, you have the confidence of knowing this isn’t their first wedding. “Most of our team have 200, 500 and even over 1,000 weddings under their belts. Sure, some weddings go off without a hitch but what if there’s a hiccup? You’ll have someone calm and experienced to help get the day back on track. Someone who doesn’t get rattled.”

#YESWECAN:  “We’re all about the positive. However you want it, we will make it happen. We want it to be your flavor. We want your wedding to be reflective of who you are and your personalities. We can also guide and offer suggestions and alternatives as needed. You have a particular dream/vision/expectation/ wish for what your wedding day will be. We’re going to do whatever we can do to make your day everything you envisioned.”

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#ITSINTHEDETAILS:  “It’s important that we execute the vision for your wedding properly. We have a process in place to ensure that everything you tell us gets translated to the blueprint of your wedding. All the details, without exception, get passed along to your DJ. We pay attention to every detail because we know it’s important to you and to your guests. If you give me 3 pages of songs, I’ll make sure we have them at your event. There’s a ton of behind the scenes prep and planning to make sure all the details are attended to. It’s not just showing up for the wedding.”

#MAKINGMEMORIES: Ultimately, that’s their endgame. “We help make your day memorable. We’re making the soundtrack to your wedding. The next day you want to hear: ‘That was a great party!’ ‘My feet are so sore. I’ve never danced so much!’ ‘Uncle Bob never dances and he danced all night!’ We care about what we do. We’ll give you everything we’ve got. It’s our passion.”

#INTHEMOMENT: “There’s no running the music at your wedding on autopilot. We stay in the moment as the day/evening unfolds. Through dinner and cocktails and speeches – we’re paying attention. The soundtrack doesn’t start at 9pm. It begins when the first guest arrives.”

ABOUT MUSIC CENTRAL: For over 30 years, London’s Music Central Entertainment (♥) ( has built a reputation for quality and a track record for putting on incredible events within the community. They have built a strong relationship with some of the best event professionals, biggest clients & best brides and grooms in the business! You can find Music Central Entertainment at their storefront location on Dundas Street in London, at any of The Ring’s LONDON WEDDING EXPO events, and online. The Music Central team and their website are amazing resources. They are reviewed and featured in, online & in print.

Music Central Entertainment | Photo: HRM Photography
Music Central Entertainment | Photo: HRM Photography

Featured in the Spring/Summer 2019 issue of The Wedding Ring Magazine

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If you’re interested in talking to Rob Aitken or his staff at Music Central Entertainment, you can contact them by phone at 519-680-0698, or toll-free at 1-888-537-6511. If email is better for you, reach them directly by email using the form below. 🙂 Visit their brand new storefront at 1496 Dundas Street East in London (by appointment). Check out their website at for more on their services.

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