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Why should you hire a chauffeur that is specifically trained in wedding day events? Brentwood Livery ( tells us all about why you should… “Most chauffeurs, if they are trained at all, would receive warnings aka training for survival from wild birthday party passengers or rowdy concert goers. But at Brentwood, we specifically train chauffeurs in how to prepare for, drive for and specifically deliver a wedding day experience.”


Because some chauffeurs understand the demands of brides and grooms and some have no idea. Those who desire to understand and be a part of our client’s wedding celebration are invested in and trained because it allows us to deliver that unforgettable wedding day experience we promise.

Photo: Gary Evans Photography

The difference between a wedding-trained chauffeur and a social-trained chauffeur might be the five-star wedding experience versus just an ordinary experience. Yeah, the car may be the same, but the experience delivered by the chauffeur could be drastically different.

Picture this:

Your social-trained chauffeur drives you to the photography spot but isn’t sure where the closest drop point is for “the walking bridge” that your photographer said to meet him at so you spend valuable minutes upset, confused and walking a mile before you walk down the aisle!


A wedding trained chauffeur, who knows the destinations and the locations in the city that are most frequently used by wedding photographers. He’s familiar with where to park so you don’t get your dress dirty walking across a long field or hurt your ankle trying to navigate uneven surfaces. He makes sure to allow for plenty of time to get you there in case of sudden unexpected traffic or emergencies.

Photo: Brian Limoyo Wedding Photography

The difference? Mindset, experience, and training. A wedding-trained chauffeur prepares for a wedding event differently. They allow for more time before the event because they know it’s not an event you can’t repeat. A wedding-trained chauffeur is clued into exactly what the bride and groom need and want, hopefully before they even ask. For example: does the bride want decorations? A wedding-trained chauffeur already knows what decorations he needs (like a red carpet, a “Just Married” heart, pom poms, or even custom decorations or custom napkins that need to be set up before the wedding).

MORE ABOUT BRENTWOOD LIVERY | Brentwood Livery specializes in unforgettable chauffeured service with genuine care towards couples (more details in their review in The Ring, here). To find out more, email Brentwood Livery directly using the form below. 🙂

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