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Nearlyweds: Cailey Bradshaw & Brendan Hambleton

Together for: 4 years

Photographer: Oak & Pearl Photo ( unless otherwise noted

Tell us your story!: January 24, 2016, while Cailey was still ill from Lyme Disease, recovering at her parent’s house in Guelph, she was having a motivational day and got herself out of bed and went to the mall. Brendan happened to be working as an MIT (manager in training) at the Michael Hill Jewellers in Stone Road Mall (Guelph) when Cailey came in looking for a rose gold chain.

Brendan’s point of view: “I was working what I remember was a somewhat slow day in the store when a very pretty girl who looked oddly good in the camo pants she was wearing walked in. I tried very hard to be as unattractive as possible because I had always been told that the worst thing I can do is come across as flirting to young female customers. She seemed like she was in an odd mood that day as she was thinking about purchasing a chain for her pendant, which was a gift from her mother. I remember thinking the camo pants made sense after our conversation turned towards the possibility of love not truly existing since she must be some kind of goth music fan. She stayed in my mind since then and the few times I saw her around the store I desperately tried to talk to her with no success.

Our initial conversation that day is made comedic in hindsight as she is the person who I’ve found true love with. With the help of my friend and former manager David Birch, I was able to chase after her and make an (in my belief) clumsy first impression that led to her graciously accepting my offer of our first date. I must have done something right, however. When I was offered a job across the country after barely having time to get to know this girl, we both knew we wanted more time together and decided we should do something dumb and just move in together… in Edmonton.

The rest is history, which continues to grow and add memories every day.”

Cailey’s point of view: “I walked into the store looking for a rose gold chain for my pendant. I was in a bit of a mood that day, proclaiming one person in a relationship always loves the other more, it is never equal. Brendan kept his jolly-self high spirited and listened to me complain (he will say he wasn’t flirting, but I felt he was). While we were talking he was bringing out different chains for me to try. I ended up buying one but told him that I would probably return it. I did.

When I left the store the first day, I thought to myself ‘I’m not ready to date yet, as I’m still too sick to be a good partner to anyone, but at least I know where he is when I want him.’

Months went by, and I returned to Michael Hill hoping to see him there. I went in asking for a donation to my ‘Laughing for Lyme’ Charity Comedy show and figured he’d give into me. Another man was at the store and no sign of Brendan. I asked this man (happened to be the manager, and Brendan’s friend David) if he could donate something to the silent auction. He agreed (but never did give anything lol) and also asked me if I wanted to work in jewelry. I informed him I was still too sick and could only work short hours and minimal shifts. I was hired.

The women of the store had remembered me from the day I bought the chain from Brendan, they were quick to tell me Brendan had changed stores. I thought to myself ‘well at least I can still find him when I’m ready.’ However a few days later the staff were getting together for dinner, and Brendan showed up. He saw me and asked ‘what are you doing here!?’ as he kept up perfect gentlemanly qualities all dinner as the women tried to set us up.

He came into the store sometime after this dinner and taught me about the importance of writing sales on the chalkboard. I was very bored and told him I had to go.’

He came into the store again and asked for my number, I gave it. We texted all night. The following day he invited me to get drinks with him and Dave at a board game cafe, I went. He then invited me to a Blue Jays game with him and some friends from Toronto.

The following date we went mini putting in Cambridge, where he received a phone call from Michael Hill (the company) asking if he would move to Alberta to take a manager position. He got off the phone to think for a moment. He turned to me and said ‘That’s sad, I kind of like you.’ I said ‘then I will just come too’.

For a month we called each other’s bluff, and I was out in Edmonton with him. We moved into an apartment together and the love began to grow. A year and three months (October 23rd) later Brendan was down on one knee in Jasper, Alberta asking me to marry him… the following weekend, I got down on one knee in Lake Louise, Alberta, and proposed back to Brendan with a French Macaroon with the words ‘Marry Me’, written on it. ” – C

Photos courtesy of Cailey & Brendan

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