Plan Your Fabulous Local Wedding

Bride & Groom: Brooke Bettencourt & Mitchell Forster

Photographer: Maddie Young Photography (@maddieyoung321)

Wedding Date: September 22, 2019

Guest #: 131

Ceremony Location: Victoria Park, Kitchener, ON

Reception Location: Victoria Park Pavilion, Kitchener, ON

Colour Palette: Sunflowers, burgundy and charcoal grey

Tell us your story!: “The first time I saw Mitchell’s beautiful, deep, blue eyes was when I was kneeling down to tie my shoelace and something told me to look up just as he was walking by. Our eyes locked the entire time he passed by. Something in me told me to remember that moment as he continued on into the gymnasium where we would be playing dodgeball against each other in a local nightclub industry coed league. We never spoke but every time we played against one another, he’d always set up to run against me so that he beat me to the ball when the game would start. He thought he was flirting and found it hilarious. I thought he was cheating and would tell everyone on my team to get him out. We never spoke.

A few years later I found myself working at the same bar as him. The bar was massive and had two different nightclub rooms, so we never worked side by side but we cashed out in the same office. I was not enjoying my experience at this new job and decided that it would only be temporary so I kept to myself as I discreetly watched Mitch from afar cracking jokes and commanding everyone’s attention. Although he intrigued me, I decided he couldn’t have mine. We never spoke.

Another few more years go by and another industry event comes about. It’s a big birthday bash for some of the local bar talent who share birthdays. It’s casino themed and a couple of my girlfriends and I decide to go help them celebrate. As soon as I walked into the bar I felt Mitch’s eyes on me. He was very tanned from his summer job and it made those beautiful blues even brighter. For the rest of the night, as I swirled around group to group, Mitch followed and joined in every conversation until it was just him and I speaking to each time and then I’d flutter off again. Nearing the end of our time there, a magician wanted to show my girlfriends and me a trick with his deck of cards. Mitch sat down across the table to watch. I was told to pick a card, it was the two of hearts. Much to the dismay of the poor magician, I decided to rip the two hearts from the card and toss them across the table to Mitch, who smiled and put them in his pocket. The trick was over but something else, actually magical, was just beginning. My girlfriend and I decided it was time to head out and it just so happened that Mitch decided there was nothing left to stay there for and headed out with us. I thought he would ask for my number but we parted with a wave goodbye and went out separate ways.

The next day I was driving home with my sister in the car telling her about my experience with the super cute guy with beautiful eyes as we pulled up to a stoplight. A black mustang rolled up beside us and I looked over, “Um, Devin, (my sister), that’s him! That’s the guy!”. We rolled our windows down and Mitch invited us to his open-mic show that night. I said, “Okay, maybe”, and zoomed off so I could celebrate without embarrassment. I was excited but still a little disappointed that he hadn’t asked for my number. When I got home I checked my Facebook messages from the last 24 hours and found a message from Mitch from the night before. It said he was too shy to ask for my number but spent all night looking for my Facebook page so that he could and he left his number. I messaged him right away to tell him that I only just saw it and I would see him at the show that night.

We began dating, immediately. We discovered that we lived on the same street as each other, five houses apart. It took 7 months to move in together and three years before we married. There’s a picture of what the stars looked like at the location of the night that we finally met and above it, in a little white pouch, is where we keep the hearts I threw across the table to him. Every day together is better than the last, we are so happy in love. Our lives swirled around each other until we finally reached out to grab one another and we haven’t spent a day apart ever since. We are inseparable. Our messages to one another read like a love story and our love, respect, and affection for one another we have been told inspires others. He is simply all I could ever want and ask for in a partner. I feel I am the luckiest woman in the world. I am for sure the luckiest one that I know.” – B&M

Invitations/stationery: Eco friendly email invites (

Cake: Café Pyrus (

Decor/Floral: Sunflowers and baby’s breath from Raymond’s Flower Shop  (

Bride’s dress and accessories: Valentina Bridal and Couture  (      

Groom + Groomsmen attire: Charcoal grey with brown shoes Moores Clothing for Men (

DJ: Justin Hillis, Across the Board Entertainment (

Hair & Make-Up: Amazing work by Niki Cooper (@nik1beauty)

Catering: Nick & Nat’s Uptown 21 ( “All vegan and many commented it was the best wedding food they had ever had. It was DIVINE!” – B   

How did you find your photographer?: “She was a co-worker of mine who is just starting out and offered to shoot our wedding and it turned out she was absolutely incredible! She is super talented, very professional, and behaved more like a personal support system throughout the day, I cannot say enough good things about her!” – B

Biggest Challenge: “Keeping things simple and small. Our list grew and grew for guests and our idea of having a small intimate wedding quickly disappeared. Many things went wrong as we planned it ourselves but we planned for that as well so it didn’t affect the day whatsoever.” – B

Best Memory: “The moment our videographer recommended that we take for ourselves, outside, alone. Just to be with one another for a few moments, it meant so much to us and was so beautiful to be outside looking in on our loved ones having a blast on our wedding day ❤️” – B

Any advice for couples planning their wedding?: “Highly recommend a videographer to capture the day in action. Most people will have a photographer, which is very important but overlook a videographer and I think that would be a mistake. One of the best last-minute decisions we made for our big day.” – B

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