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Blueberries and squirrels were the theme for Alyssa and Pierre’s wedding day. Based on where they fell in love and an inside joke they were able to bring all of their personality to the look and feel of their big day!…

Married couple: Alyssa and Pierre Loubateres

Wedding Date: October 26, 2019

Ceremony & Reception Location: The Ancaster Mill ( “Our ceremony was in Miller’s Chapel and our reception was in the Millview room. We chose the Ancaster Mill for a few reasons. First of all, the venue and the surrounding area are stunning, especially in autumn! There is not only a waterfall at the venue, but there are two other waterfalls nearby. Our photos were taken at Sherman’s Falls which is only about a two-minute drive away from the Mill. It’s a very short walk from the main road and is worth it! The backdrop of oranges, yellows, and reds next to the waterfall felt very magical! The people who work at the Ancaster Mill and what they offered is what really sold us on having our special day there. Everyone was very helpful, and they make planning a breeze! The team will send emails notifying you about different things to do and what they are taking care of and what you need to do. So, if you’re like us, and planning is difficult, the Ancaster Mill will certainly make planning easier! However, the main reason why we chose this location, is because they were able to create a fully vegan menu upon our request. They seemed excited by the task and told us that they would create a delicious menu using seasonal and local foods. They took into consideration all of our suggestions and made us feel special!” – A&P

Colour Palette: Dusty blue, burgundy, sapphire blue

Theme: “The theme or our wedding was “blueberries and squirrels”. It’s kind of a strange theme, but it holds sentimental value to us– and we like to think that we did it tastefully! My jewelry (necklace and earrings) was given to me by Pierre at the beginning of our relationship. They were made by an artisan in Chicoutimi (where we met on exchange). Blueberries represent the region where we fell in love, so we wanted to weave the theme of that throughout our wedding. We had blueberries on our invitations, on our cake and cupcakes, dried blueberries in my bouquet, my dress was dusty blue, and Pierre and his groomsmen wore a deep blue. And of course, I wore my blueberry necklace and earrings. My engagement ring and wedding band were also designed by Pierre with blueberries in mind (a round sapphire surrounded by emerald leaves). As for the squirrels, it started off as a bit of a joke. There aren’t many squirrels in France (where Pierre is from), unlike here where you can see them everywhere! Early on in our relationship, we used to pick up squirrel themed items as a joke, but then it slowly turned into a bit of a collection. At our reception, we had two beautiful wooden squirrels on our sweetheart table, wooden acorns across the dessert tables, and our cake toppers were two blue ceramic squirrels.” – A

Flowers: “Hilary, the owner of Wildwood Floristry ( did our flowers. We used simple greenery on the tables, and for the bouquets, we used a variety of burgundy flowers with accents of blue, pink, and white. Upon my request, Hilary even put rosemary to accent some of the greenery in my bouquet!” – A

Décor: “We actually did it all without the help of a decorator! My mother really took charge and decorated the reception area with the help of my father and two of my bridesmaids. Also, apparently Hilary from Wildwood helped them out a little bit while she was there to place the flowers!” – A

Fav decor element: “Either the heart that Hilary made out of the greenery and flowers over the fireplace or the tealights on the tables and on the escarpment. We are also fond of our wooden squirrels since they became a bit of a conversation piece.” – A

DIY: “My mother and I made the seating chart and place cards. Everything else we found already made.” – A

Invitations: Red Bicycle Paper Co. (

Cake: Sweet Temptations ( “They made vegan donuts and gluten-free/vegan cupcakes for us!” – A

Wedding favours: The Ancaster Mill made caramel apples!

Groomsmen and Groom’s attire: RW & Co. (

Bridesmaids attire and accessories: David’s Bridal (

Bride’s dress and accessories: Skirt and Top are by Lillian Wild from Tilted Veil ( “Heather is amazing and has dresses for brides looking for something a little different. My necklace and earrings are by Bleuet D’art and my hair vine was by Luna + Stone Co.” – A

DJ: 586 Event Group (

Hair & make-up: makeup by Lisa Torti and hair by Tess Hood

Photographer: Brian Limoyo Photography ( “We met Brian Limoyo at a wedding show. He was one of the last vendors we met, and we hit it off with him instantly! Brian is very approachable and funny and makes you feel very comfortable with him! It’s almost like talking with an old friend! Brian is also fluent in French, which was very important to us since Pierre’s family does not speak much English. Also, when looking at Brian’s work, his photos felt natural and timeless. You could feel the emotion in each moment that he photographed! He has a great eye for composition, and we loved that his photos were minimally edited. He lets his work speak for itself. It’s hard to pick our favourite part of our photos! It was really fun taking them and our bridal party and family really enjoyed chatting with Brian. It was honestly way less stressful than we had anticipated. Looking at the photos, you could feel the love and joy reflected in our relationship. Some of the photos made us cry! Brian captured everyone’s emotions really well. Everyone looks natural and relaxed, even for some of the more posed shots. Brian also did a great job of balancing the gorgeous backdrop of the woods with the portraits. The colours in every photo are just stunning.” – A

Biggest challenge: “The biggest challenge was trying to not get too overwhelmed or overthinking everything. Also, trying to manage our time and plan ahead (don’t procrastinate!). Both of us do not have much experience with weddings, so trying to figure out the flow of the day was a little tricky.

Fav wedding memory: “My best memory is when Pierre read his vows. His words to me were intimate and loving and seeing his face as he poured out his soul is something that I will never forget.” – A

My favourite moment is when I was standing at the front of the chapel, seeing everything and seeing everyone here with us, and then seeing Alyssa entering with a spark in her eyes that said, “It is happening.” – P

Advice from one couple to another: “Do it together! It’s much less work when you work on it together (and more special) and ask for advice and help from friends! Also, ask a lot of questions when meeting with vendors and venues! It’s your day, you are allowed to want what you want. You don’t have to be traditional if you don’t want to be. If you want squirrel decorations and to wear a blue dress, I say go for it. Your wedding will be a blur! Try to relax and take it all in. Enjoy yourself and let stuff roll off your back like water. Also, after the ceremony, try to have some alone time with your significant other. We had some time between the ceremony and the reception to enjoy the bliss of just being married. It was a quiet and happy moment. Plus, we got to rehydrate and eat some snacks without anyone bothering us.” – A

MORE ABOUT BRIAN LIMOYO PHOTOGRAPHY | Fine art meets photojournalism: Kitchener-Waterloo’s Brian Limoyo Photography ( tells a couple’s love story through his lens (more details in their review in The Ring, here). To find out more, email Brian Limoyo directly using the form below. 🙂

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