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Wedding planning can be fun! Many brides and grooms enjoy the wedding planning process: researching, selecting, hiring, etc. For many couples as the big day approaches, they worry about what details they may be missing. Or what they may miss on the day of the wedding if they spend all their time worrying about the little details. A Day-of Coordinator can help take over the day-of management of your wedding so you can just bask in the love of your family and friends. Servers with a Smile shares 7 of their top reasons to hire a day-of coordinator..

TIMELINE CREATION: Your day-of coordinator will meet with you one month before your wedding to create a personalized wedding itinerary and timeline. They will help you plan your wedding day down to the last detail to ensure you have time to get from first look to the ceremony to photos to cocktail hour. They’ll help make sure that you’re where you need to be but most importantly, that you get to enjoy every moment of your day!

VENDOR MANAGEMENT: One of the tasks you’ll pass along to your Day-of coordinator is managing your vendors. Your Day-of Coordinator will review contracts, share timelines and key points with all of your vendors. They’ll be the point of contact for your vendors answering questions and assisting as needed, once again leaving you to enjoy your day.

WEDDING PARTY ORGANIZATION: Your day-of coordinator will meet with you, the wedding couple, together or separately, on the morning of the wedding to make sure everything is going as planned. They’ll help get and keep the bridal party organized, in the right places at the right times, and ready to go.

EVENT SUPERVISOR: Your Day-of coordinator checks all the details, addressing where items go as delivered, ensuring that everything is set up as you planned. They are the go-to person for anyone that has a question about any portion of the day.

TIMELINE MANAGEMENT: It’s not enough to make a timeline and pass it around to your vendors. Your Day-of Coordinator will help ensure that you stay on time, making sure all timings are met as discussed at the one-month meeting.

STRESS MANAGEMENT: Things can go wrong even at the most perfectly planned wedding. Your Day-of Coordinator will manage any issues or situations as they arise, keeping you abreast of the situation, while solving problems and helping to execute your day so that you remain stress-free and your guests never notice the little hiccups.

YOUR PERSONAL ASSISTANT FOR THE DAY! A Day-of coordinator just makes sure that you have what you need and are where you need to be to have the best day. Need a tampon, Chapstick, or tissue? Not sure where you’re supposed to be right now? Or not sure where your marriage license went after the ceremony? Their job is to help with the little details and the BIG details as you may need!

ABOUT SERVERS WITH A SMILE: Servers with a Smile offers local brides and grooms a one-stop shop for their special day. Servers with a Smile can find all the vendors you need, as well as support during your entire day, so all you have to do is enjoy your wedding!

Featured in the Spring/Summer 2022 edition of The Wedding Ring Magazine

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